Dad’s Day

For years Dad and I have been watching the Jay’s play at the SkyDome, and for the past couple years we have been going on Father’s Day. A lovely tradition really!

This past Sunday Dad, Michelle, my Michelle and me all went to see the Jays vs the Phillies and they WON! Great game. All day, Dad wore the button that I made with my Grade 3’s. (which was soooo cute – I’m sure people were thinking, aw his kid is adorable – his 31 year old kid…haha). Meesh and I bought rounds of beer. And Dad spoiled me with a brand new Brett Lawrie Jersey!!!

Dad really truly surprised me!!! I felt like a little kid again!!!

I really do have the #1 Dad!

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Ready. Set. Go!

Soooo where did June go?

I wrote Monday June 18th on the board and realized it was the second last monday of the school year! Only 8 days left!

I have been living my life as thought I am already done school. Events and things every night and work full-time! Summer Laurie is ready…Ready. Set. Go!

I’m home tonight, needed to be still (that and finish report cards). After NXNE, Jay’s Games, parent visits, drinks in the park, and lots of time with friends, I’m on a time out! Self induced night in. A Monday night full of fresh summer veggies, cherries, laundry, Bev Hills season 5 and the time to paint my nails.

I was starting to feel a little lonely/exhausted/down when I picked my nail colour from my basket of polish. I know that sounds so girly and insignificant, but Dutch Tulips is one of the most beautiful colours EVER and there is something very comforting about it. A simple coat of paint and I feel like a new lady.

The past few weeks have been fast paced. The kind of days where I felt like I was running a race but suddenly it doesn’t feel like that anymore. It’s as though somethings have just been left at the side of the road. And summer is on the horizon. Cottage, cottage, cottage, Turkey, cottage!

Ready. Set. GO!!!

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Lookin to the things I love

June is Music Month for me. I have some pretty specatular concerts/shows lined up! I’m using music not to escape from things, but to connect to them, which is easy to do in this wonderful city. Nothing like humming “Easy Come Easy Go” while biking across the Danforth!

Great Lake Swimmers

The Sure Things

CD release party! Woohoo!

The Matinee.

I meet Matt the lead singer in The Matinee during CMW. I had gone to the show to see Current Swell (another band from Victoria) but was blown away by these guys! They are talented and really great dudes. They are doing this super cool trip from the West Coast to Toronto for NXNE and will be playing at the Gladstone on June 13th. I can’t wait to catch their show.

So turn it up and bring on the music!!!

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A new skirt for a new “out”look

I purchased a new skirt that almost appears glow in the dark! I love the contrast between the gauzy light and airy material and the vibrant details. Its flirty and edgy!

It has neon highlighter coloured embroidery along the scalloped edges. It looks great with the belt I splurged on and I wore it out Friday night with my Fryes.

Summers here, skirts and bare legs! I’m ready for my new “out”look!

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A surprise means a sudden, unexpected event that can cause astonishment! Unexpected things are exactly that, unpredictable. Surprises can occur in both a positive and negative way in our lives. Over the years we all experience surprises of both kinds…It’s how we manage them that really matter.

This weekend has been brought to me by surprises.

Friday night I unexpectedly found myself out much later than I had planned, with company I had not predicted, having conversations about life/feelings/heartache. A lovely surprise!

After only 4 hours of sleep I somehow got myself to the train station to come home to London and while standing in line I recognized a woman walking past me. A friend of my mothers, who I had not seen in years, was in Toronto returning to London on the same train! We ended up sitting together, passing the time talking about travel, school and happiness. Another pleasant surprise.

My mom picked me up at the train station (in a pair of super cute blue denim pants -looking GREAT mom) took me to my dad’s house so I could attend his 60th birthday party! He had no idea I was coming home. I walked into the kitchen with a case of beer while he was downstairs cleaning up. When he came up the stairs I said “Hey, I heard there was a party happening!” He was SURPRISED! In fact, he looked a little shocked. I’m so glad I came home for the party – and what a party it was (seriously my dad’s friends know how to have a great time and laugh)!!!

For those of you who don’t know my father, he is a charismatic, goofy, kind and considerate guy! He is incredibly social and has friends from all walks of life (so that’s where I get it 😉 )! His party was a true representation of the kinds of people he has in his life. Everybody came together to celebrate his day and it was wonderful to hear stories of the things my father has gotten up to over the years.

I’m surprised at how my idea of  “60” has changed over the years as I get older. Age truly is only a number. It’s our attitude about how we feel and what we do that makes us who we are.

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Where to Meet the Fabulous Woman of Toronto!

It’s spring verging on summer! Everyone is out on the streets, walking, biking, jogging, strolling through the park. Layers of clothes have been shed and skin is aplenty! It’s when I start to fall in love all over again with this great city of Toronto. People are more friendly and upbeat. Everyone seems to be blissfully enjoying themselves. Patios are full, parks are littered with blankets and there are limitless things to do!

When everyone comes out of hiding from the winter, it’s as though we are all awakened to new life! I guess it’s that animatistic spring fever thing…??? There is definatley a vibe of attraction happening in the city. But here’s the thing…I keep seeing LOADS of beautiful woman…where are all the men???

If you are a current reader/friend you are aware that I sing in a choir on Wednesday nights (not the church kind of choir, the cool kind of choir that sings at a bar – check out the video)

This past Wednesday I looked around and there were about 45 woman at choir, and out of those 45 woman I would say that half of them are approximately between 25-35, single and attractive! There were a total of 5 men! I keep telling my friend Lennie to come because it’s a HOT spot for the ladies. If you are in choir one can assume you are tonnes of fun, dig music and don’t mind trying new things! Now I’m not saying choir is all about “picking up”, it’s not. We are very serious about singing! But it would be a great place to meet new and interesting people. It already is! I have meet really fun woman, I was just hopin’ there would be more men, ya know?!? Just too keep things in balance. I like equality. 😉

So ATTENTION men of Toronto…there is a hidden group of fabulous woman in this city who gather each Wednesday at The Monarch Tavern. You don’t have to sing, you don’t even have to participate (although you really should cause it is a SHIT-TONNE of FUN) , but I would suggest swinging by to see where some the great woman in this city are hiding! I dare you to! 🙂

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A Marilyn Moment

Today at lunch I ran to the store to buy popsicles for my students (they are working so hard at the Grade Three Standardized Test) and we thought they could use a treat.

Upon returning to the school, 2 giant boxes of frozen treats in my hand, I walked overtop of a grate and my skirt blew up…up over my ass! I had my hands full, I couldn’t drop the popsicles, I couldn’t shield my skirt, so for a few seconds I just stood there. A couple walking by me on my left looked as though they wanted to help me, but just sort of giggled instead. Then I realized I could jump off the grate! So I did. And I laughed! I just laughed! What else could can you do? My bare butt was exposed to all of Sherborne Street!

Shanti immediately says “Well, now you have had your Marilyn Moment”!

After giving into the moment, letting the slight embarrASSment subside, I thought about her, and remembered just how sweet looking that woman was. She was HOT! She had curves and thighs, and a great ass! She was a bombshell. Woman her size don’t get the kind of exposure she had back then. I know I don’t have the new typical tall, thin “model” body, but I got curves like my girl Monroe and I’ll take that reference any day!

Today, I celebrate all woman’s bodies…whatever size or shape you are!

(**This week’s blog posts seem to have a theme…sexy anyone?!?)

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